Poland’s Top Bank to Launch Blockchain Platform for Document Management Within ‘Days’


Poland’s largest bank will launch a blockchain solution for its customer documents via a partnership with UK-based Coinfirm “in the coming days,” the parties confirmed in a press releaseThursday, September 20.

Part of a drive to enhance security of customer data, PKO Bank Polski will use Coinfirm’s Trudatum to provide blockchain-issued paperwork to its some five million account holders.

“Blockchain offers huge potential to increase competitiveness of the Polish banking sector,” am Marciniak, vice president of the bank’s management board commented.

“This is a relatively new technology for which further applications are constantly being found worldwide.”

The plans had originally surfaced in March, with the first issuance set to involve documents relating to the European Union’s PSD2 privacy directive which came into force this year.

The move stands out in the Polish banking industry, which is only beginning to implement blockchain at a time when cryptocurrency businesses in the country continue to complain about hostile treatment from institutions.

“It shows that the Polish financial industry is still open to innovation and sets international trends,” Coinfirm CEO and cofounder Pawel Kuskowski continued.

In May PKO began recruiting startups for its fintech initiative dubbed “Let’s Fintech With PKO Bank Polski!” with the blockchain partnership arising from that initiative.

Executives “search for fintech companies that are ready to pilot their solution and scale their business in partnership with the Bank,” the program’s website explains.

source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/polands-top-bank-to-launch-blockchain-platform-for-document-management-within-days


Blockchain is a phenomenal technology, almost in the business sector this technology can be used. Polish banks have adopted it, I hope many countries adopt this technology.


When it comes to Blockchain, every country and every individual agrees that this is a great invention and it’ll do wonders in all the areas in future. In future, all rhe countries are going to adopt it after doing their due research on it, some sooner than later.


Yeah, we are really hoping for that. In my place, I have heard and read that certain financial institution will adopt blockchain technology in its processes too. There are really numerous good news around us but sadly most of it are covered by FUDs and NEGATIVE news. Government bodies should focus on how to make their processes more efficient via blockchain just what Poland is doing and not making several FUDs and negatives around. Plus educate their people, as early as possible if they really do not want to get left behind as this digital revolution is in progress