People say altcoin won't survive


Of course. That is what happens with 100% of coins and tokens.

Total 1 billion tokens are sold at initial price of $0.05 per token.


its amazing then leaxcoin will be moon surely like this


We hope so but will know about this in few months I guess.


Leaxcoin reached the softcap smoothly, I hope that in the phase ICO there is a great partner to grab their coins so that I can do the ico for a while.


I don’t know who are those ‘people’ who say such things. I think people say lot of things these days and predictions happens every other second. Let’s just be positive and hope alt coins will do good.


well, with all the altcoins around, its very clear not all will succeed and that only those who really have a purpose will remain in the cryptoworld. there are even some altcoins which already died before ICO. its all up the community, investors and the projects goals.


I hate the situations where by people will be predicting the feature of any coin because it discourage many newbies from now the truth, if we want to talk about any coin let be in the positive part.


Softcap was reached before time in a market where others were failing. I’m sure all the leax will be sold out in ICO.

Right on spot. We should just believe in our own research and continue investing.


In October 2017, there were roughly 800 coins available in the market and in dec-jan, number reached upto 1400 but now we have more than 6000 coins and tokens. So, the weak ones will die anyway and some of them are already dead.

Its an easy way to encourage newbies to buy shit coins. They’ll just go with the news and market predictions by so called experts and lose the money in the process which discourages them to invest further.


yes many newbies has fall victim for this so price predictor, as they are the once to pump the price to drawn the attention of does who are still ignorance of how coin market price do go crazy most time and this is not helping the reputation of crypto in the hands of it hater as they are given more reasons to burst-rated there point.


Yes sir top most altcoins will not die but non using altcoins will die in future because people loss their interest towards them. They don’t invest in non using altcoins.


Before investment one should justify scam and good bounty project. If you get any good ico project then you may invest in crypto… Another language avoid scamm project because scamm means great losses.


those who feel fear investing in new ico’s project may invest in already listed good coins that is safe and scam proof


I also believe that Leaxcoin is very successful and will bring good returns to its investors! I am sure that the company will take the leading place in this world!


Leaxcoin’s information has reached Hardcap. Right or not, I don’t know exactly the progress. If it’s true that Leaxcoin is successful, I hope this platform doesn’t throw coins too quickly into the market. November and December, I think it’s good to throw coins into the market.


I believe it will not going to happen and few alt coins are really good and successfully up and running.


Altcoins will survive I hate fake past