People say altcoin won't survive


Most of the smart people took advantage of fairly new market and launched their ICO with good promises but their motive was to raise money and they stopped doing any development work just after that. Those are kinds of project which won’t survive in long term.


indeed the main factor is the project team. various ideas are great, but if not supported by an experienced team the project will not develop.


People say altcoins won’t survive? some people say that altcoin can not survive but still believe in altcoin’s ability because altcoin benefits are still high so we can not say that it has no hope of return or survival in today’s situation.


Most of the altcoins will not survive and some of them will and those some of the coins have potential to give huge gains. I don’t invest in shit coins.


but i say good and quality altcoin will never die


That’s exactly what I was implying. If a project is good, it’ll grow and if it is not good, then it’ll die.


I think that is just human desire, as market sentiment continues to be negative so trust in Altcoin is reduced. in fact until now, even more new projects have sprung up. The Altcoin indicator will not disappear.


Right sir, the cycle is like that. Only with the support of an experienced team will the coin survive.


It’s like that, just look at the CMC, the ranking is proof of coin activity. Quality is seen there.


And those projects deserve to be noticed and grow in the market. If some effort is being made on some projects, they should be given due recognition.


Not necessarily and not always. There have been numerous shitcoins who had good run and there are still hundreds of projects which are under development by good devs but nobody knows about them because of no marketing. Those devs believe that first we’ll launch our platfrom and then we’ll do the required marketing.


I see projects that take real-time consumption can always survive. Although their token value is small, it can be balanced with product development that will boost their token value.


Bitcoin started at few cents and now its at 6000+. if you calculate the gain percantage it would still be +200000%. There is a saying that Good things take time. I have my eyes currently on two of such projects, I know they’ll take their sweet time but they will succeed without any doubt.


for now, I don’t know what projects can provide better hope. do you want to tell me. maybe others also want to know it.


please do not believe any project and invest many are meaningless
only invest in best which give you best return


Yeah, I can tell you. LEAX.
it all depends on the idea and hardwork devs are putting in the project.

One more project I really like is POD. Still under development, a very unique idea which will help in avoiding and eliminating scams and shit devs whoa re trying to scam people with their shit ideas. POD stands for proof of dilligence.


That’s what she is asking and conveying that she doesn’t know what projects can provide hope at the moment.


i know leax is fine and perfect this will be top coin and this satisfy all holders in future
they will proud of leax


We’ll get to know the exact position of leax once it hits the exchanges. Btw leax is a token, not a coin.


ok you mean price of leax will be run by the secondary market