People say altcoin won't survive


Many community members have claimed lately that the altcoin will die or at least 90% of the altcoin will be destroyed.
I tend to agree with them that there are lots of coins and tokens that are useless and will not survive. Other categories are alts with a strong foundation but will not be able to successfully compete with their competitors because naturally there are many projects with the same vision. But if you trust the project you are investing in, there is no reason to change your mind just because someone says many altcoins will not work.
Do your research and trust only your own judgment, because a lot of ALTOKINYA HERE TO STAY!


Of course over 90% alts will die because the have no real life use case. They are currently thriving only ion their promises of launching the product in the future and when that won’t happen, they’ll die. Only those who have some use will survive. So research before you invest.


I think it’s just an opinion, or someone who hates Altcoin says that. Honestly, I never cared about the talk of other people who vilified bitcoin or altcon, because it was only a few people, if all new people I would care about it.
but for all those things, I also will not hate them, because everyone has their opinions about each thing.


carefully before investing, it must be done.
Now, almost all crypto coins have decreased in value and that is very well understood by the coin platform team. and users must be able to understand it.
Project plans and product development are their responsibilities that must be carried out.


yes. sometimes prustation and heartache are human diseases, after seeing the market is still red every day. sometimes we like to forget, ever bought a vehicle from crypto.
Hopefully next month it will get better.


Yeah, Only invest in those projects which already have a working product or at least a prototype. There are 100s of ICOs every month and most of them are just here to make money and they’ll disappear from the market in few months or years. So better be careful now.


right, we must be careful now. lots of projects that seek profit a moment ago disappear


Well, that is something that needs to be considered for today’s bounty hunters, always being careful in choosing a project is a good way to avoid scam projects, although this method still gets a scam. but at least we can minimize that.


At the moment, there are no regulations. So scammers will try everyday something new to lure you fall in their trap. Bounty hunters waste their time on those bounties but investors lose their money and their sleep too, especially the new ones those have just entered the market. So its really very important now to be very vigilant and research as much as you can before jumping in to any project whether for bounty or investing money directly.


momentary profit, that’s what I saw in several projects. it harms us and eliminates crypto coin investors, traumatizes and becomes hesitant to get involved in the project.
As a bounty hunter, I usually choose BM who already have a name to be involved in various projects.


Those kinds of projects are pushing new investors away from the market. When their first impression is that bad, the they do not want to invest in this market anymore. It demotivates those people who are investing their hard earned money in hopes of earning some more for their family but due to these projects, they are leaving the crypto too.

This is really important all should pay attention to the BM before starting doing any bounty.


Thank you sir.
The best BM usually has specific criteria for the project to be run. That’s natural, because they risk their names and responsibilities. Whether or not the project is successful based on team performance, the concept of a good project if it is not supported by the team’s performance is useless.


Yes, of course, all the altcoins will be destroyed who will not be able to fulfill their promises. Difficult to say It will be 90% or less, but will be remain only projects that have a real product.


destroyed and returned, the crypto project is honey on the roof of the house, high but can be taken. this business sector is the bright idea of a human child, implements, develops and produces. naturally, altcoin coins are increasing.


yeah. I’m sure of this project’s success because of the team and the BM they chose, you should check out his account on bitcointalk.

Of course 90% is an estimate. Crux is that most of them will die for good and we’ll be left with the good ones only.


Unless there are some regulations for ICO from every country, new ideas will keep coming but the sad things is that most of them will be here just to make money and flee.


a good decision system, indeed to look for and follow a project that gives prizes that are commensurate and promises a real research not careless. and one of them knows BM from the project.


very concerned, the ico scam project always appears. I also don’t know what a fraud project is. the first step to taking preventive action is the BTT forum, because those who give the first permission to publish on the forum. there must be clear conditions from the BTT forum for new projects.


yes. it’s from my glasses. But many BMs are always deceived, their good names always become notes by bounty participants. unfair conditions, the BTT Forum (Who gave permission) should be responsible for publishing the project.


All accounted can not survive because the survival depends on how solid the project is and also on the team behind it. If a project has good usecase, it will last for a long time and also if the team behind it is dedicated and upright, then such project will stand the test of time