New User of The Month


Ive got this PM minutes ago :

And i check only 3 member having this badge, im feeling happy to get this badge.
And i hope i can be a valueble member of this forum.

But, i want to asking, what the main idea of this badge, and what user should made in this forum to get this badge?

Feel free to discuss here :slight_smile:


I think it’s just a kind of award, it’s the first step of this forum. maybe in the future there will be a gift in the form of BTC.:smiley::smiley::smiley:


I hope what you talk about btc is right, and i hope you get this badge too, i think youre muh better than me :slight_smile:


I think
This is a award for your activity in the forum by leax community and this mean your value is higher than others members in forum


Have you seen my name in all 3 members because the same msg I have also received today.


i know, but i think we need a clear criteria in future, so people knoe what to do to get this badge


Yes you along with me this month, but this make me confuse, you just posting few and also the last month reciever also posting few, and you and his/her still basic user, i think we need more info regarding this award


Nice. Congrats. Who are other three?

I haven’t got it and I don’t know what does it mean. But its a badge, so must have deserved that.


Then I want this badge too :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone wants BTC now :joy:
We all are good here and all equal. Enjoy your btc now :joy:


Congrats to you too. You can see for yourself who got this badge btw.


I want to complain tot he authorities. Why am I not in that list :smile:


Theres no btc dude hahaha, but i hope it will


You can try at next month, only 2 user per month, i hope you handsome and lucky enough like me :smile:


They might be thinking like he is making too many posts, he is already motivated, lets motivate someone else

and that’s why I didn’t get the badge :stuck_out_tongue:


Or they think youre not so handsome like me, maybe you should change your photo profile to sinchan character to get this badge lol


You’re right. I’m going to put Doraemon’s pic now :smile:


try asking the admin, are there any special benefits regarding badges? maybe from a gift or just for decoration?


can you help me to asking him?


what is new user of the month and what is benefits of this
and why awarded this to forum users


I dunno, i just recieve this badge yesterday, maybe because im too handsome and forum board dont want me to leaving this forum :slight_smile: