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New Campaign for Former Bounty Hunter

Is this possible to make an event for bounty hunter again? Atleast to posting on this forum? Leax is growing but this forum is so quietex i think its not good for leax’s future development

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We are actually planning to organize a lot of good things for the bounty hunters, supporters, ambassadors and investors of Leax soon. Just hold on to your seats and more development will come. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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its good to hear this, i’ll keep my eyes.


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Months have passed now. Leax is not even trading at the moment as far as I know. If this is not dead then I really think it needs some marketing, needs to organise bounties/airdrops/other events to attract the public towards this project.

Any expected ETA on when will the development come which you are talking about?

We are not only focused on trading, since we are now aligning more on tokenizing the real estate market. More things are about to come, and I suggest that you look on our medium channel for our updates and collaborations that we are doing.

Thank you!