My bad experience on cryptocurrency


I have had a bad experience about cryptocurrency, which is that I took part in a bounty for 1 year but I have not received any results, because most of the projects that I followed were scams, and of all there were only 3 USD maybe what I got. Does that include results in your opinion?
hopefully at leax I get more than what I’ve been getting.
how is your bad experience?


my bad experience is that i participated many airdrops but many not gave token
and i joined pokemongo PKG TOKEN referral program and earned 500000 token but they did not give any tokens


There are many airdrops and bounties which did not pay to the bounty hunters. Its just bad luck. research next time before investing your time.


I have done hundreds of airdrops in last six months alone and I have been paid by merely 10-15 airdrops. It happens. Most of them put new conditions for you to get the tokens but we don’t follow them so we don’t even get to know what do we need to do to get the tokens.

btw I got 35000 PKG and they are worth nothing.


pkg token will be ruined they did not give me rewarded token they are very bad
so they will never get success


so if they had given you the tokens, then they might have succeeded. RIght? Damn. I wouldn’t want to mess with you then :stuck_out_tongue:


and now i am trusting in leax bounty
is this right
will leax give coins to bounty participants
looks authentic this project and reliable


We sure hope so, that’s why we are spending our precious time here but no one has seen the future, so we’ll have to wait and watch.


right i am working but this looks good we should trust on leaxcoin


I see that. Your post is always in every discussion. I want to be like that, but time is always a little.
How many posts do you have per day?


when occur a good thing and question in my mind i start writing in this forum
to find answer from forum users like you


I don’t count ma’am. Whenever I find something on which I can write something, I just do it. Btw I’m going on a vacation, won’t post probably anything for five days in next week. Catch up with me then :stuck_out_tongue:


That is the sole purpose of this forum. Ask questions and share knowledge among users.


I just got a Pokemon coin, when did you join the airdrop? indeed a lot of airdrops that don’t pay. I also experience it often


I thought about the post last week to prepare for the next week’s holiday haha, nice bro, take a holiday and have fun


How many PKG did you get? I got 35000 but they aren’t worth anything and I can’t even sell them at idex because I need minimum 0.15 eth worth of coins to sell.


I throw it away bro haha, 0.15 ETH per coin? or 0.15 ETH per 30k coin?
because after throwing it out I never update again


My bad experience in simple but describe in short words, six months ago i bought some Ethereum and bitcoin selling my favourite motor bike but now my Ethereum and bitcoin is dumping and my motor bike is no more in mine.


have you sold your eth and btc?
You have to hold it, because crypto prices will rise, believe me, even though this is only speculation, but after all, cryptocurrency has not risen in price for a long time, and at the end of the year I believe bullrun will happen again.


this is being thought by all crypto lovers and it should be so because of many countries are thinking good about crypto and blochchain development to use in their country