Modern real estate


Modern real estate

To understand the potential of a blockchain land registry system, analysts argue one must first understand how property changes hands.

When a purchaser seeks to buy property today, he or she must find and secure the title and have the lawful owner sign it over.

This seems simple on the surface, but the devil is in the details. For a large number of residential mortgage holders, flawed paperwork, forged signatures and defects in foreclosure and mortgage documents have marred proper documentation of property ownership.

The problem is so acute that Bank of America attempted foreclosure on properties for which it did not have mortgages in the wake of the financial crisis.

Readers may also recall the proliferation of NINJA (No Income, No Job or Assets) subprime loans during the Great Recession and how this practice created a flood of distressed assets that banks were simply unable to handle.

The resulting situation means that the property no longer has a ‘good title’ attached to it and is no longer legally sellable, leaving the prospective buyer in many cases with no remedies.



Yeah. It is somewhat parallel to business process review and improvement. One must know the current process and procedures and review if the control objectives are met by the control activities. If not, then comes the improvement for which other control activities may be implemented or eliminated. As in the case of real estate to adopt blockchain, these aspects must be considered especially the technical and legal aspects for a more efficient and effective implementation of the technology.


so it is interesting to rely on secure transactions, such as the #leaxcoin platform, which came to help simplify this whole bureaucratic process, and bring us confidence.


Real estate deals are of interest to many people all over the world. All participants want to do it transparently and reliably. Yes, I think so, the #Leaxcoin is really a unique and innovative project that can change many problems. I’m sure it will go along the way to its road to success.