Legislative base for ICO established in France


The French Parliament at the legislative level approved the rules for holding initial offers of coins (ICO). This was reported by Finance Minister Bruno Le Mare in his Twitter.

"Legislative base for ICO is created. It will help attract innovators from all over the world " he wrote.

According to the document, for the ICO in France, the company must obtain permission from the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF). Token issuers at the request of AMF provide the necessary information that will ensure that customers are aware of the decisions of the organizers of the Crowdsdale. Particular attention will be paid to the criteria for investor protection.

It should be noted that the adopted normative legal act is part of the broader program of President Emmanuel Macron to stimulate growth and business transformation.

Back in January, Bruno Le Maire announced the creation of a working group to develop mechanisms for the regulation of the Crypto-currency. It was headed by the former representative of the Bank of France Jean-Pierre Landau.


This is real good news. Good ICOs are now expected from france and there won’t be any crap/scam ICO to loot people from there. We need same from all countries to avoid scams.


Yes, we all need to take a good example from France to improve the situation on cryptomarket and reduce fraud.


Now, if any ICO is originated from france, investors don’t need to worry at least about losing their money in any scam. It reduces research time for all.


Guarantees of the government will give new opportunities for investors’ income and this will favorably affect the market.


Yeah, Guarantees of Government will play a vital role in giving assurances to people and more and more people will be attracted to invest in crypto.


no doubt if government give green signal for crypto investment then more and more people will come and involve in crypto investment that is a powerful tonic for crypto jump


Green signal means govt is taking responsibility which govt will not take without any regulation which won’t be created unless all countries accept crypto and decide to regulate it. its a cycle which will probably never end.


so government should regulate this as their own wish and let run this systematically


They can’t because its decentralized :stuck_out_tongue:

All countries will have to form a committee to regulate it universally.


but government can do this