Leaxcoin X Dobitrade


In case you don’t know, we are listed and already trading on Dobitrade!


Get started here: https://www.dobitrade.com/en/trade/leax_eth


I understand, so the value of the leax is not at its best in Dobitrade … The market has not yet realized the real potential of Leaxcoin … I believe that the value of Leaxcoin amounts to $ 15.00 or ETH 0.017 to be perceived by the market. And then, as an understanding of the real estate market and the proposed solutions, we do not know where that value can go.:rocket::rocket::rocket:


All we need to do is wait. We are doing our best to do some developments and partnerships to make sure that Leax will be in the top of its game in the future. :slight_smile: