Leaxcoin Wallet


Since we all know that Leaxcoin has its own wallet integrated with Ethereum Blockchain but what is better in Leaxcoin wallet than MyEtherWallet? Anyone, if you have any idea, do share.


maybe Dev Team can explaining their product at here too, at this forum, with badge admin maybe, until now, i a litlle confused here, who is admin here and maybe can direct by replying post at here


There are no admins here. Only members of forum who are here to discuss various things about crypto. If you want to ask anything to admins, I’ll suggest you ask that in telegram.


owh sorry, i dont know about that hehehe
thanks i will ask at telegram group if i have question Sir
how about you Sir? i use myetherwallet right now and maybe if leaxcoin have diferent or there is something new or maybe safer and easier to use, i will try that for sure


You are welcome. At the moment, I am also using myetherwallet. I’ll check out leaxcoin wallet once leax is distributed to us. Advantage of using this kind of wallets is that you don’t need to have eth in your wallet to make transactions, transaction fee will be in deducted in the form of leax tokens.


Leaxcoin wallet really so much better than my Ethereum Wallet (MEW) . MEW must have Eth to transfer any coins but Leaxcoin coin wallet may not.


wow nice topic i have not really take time to study the wallet as am still go through the whitepaper and website, i guess the topic will drawn my attention to the wallet,


Leaxcoin wallet security is more secure than metamask and my Ether wallet security. My Ethereum wallet transaction some Ethereum is must require but leaxcoin wallet need no fees specially Ethereum.


I don’t know about Leaxcoin wallet, @Rkss4 sir describe Leaxcoin wallet more security than generally ERC20 Ethereum Wallet, meta mask. Yet i have no idea about but i think Leaxcoin wallet is really good and secure.