Leaxcoin -the evolution of blockchain for the real estate investment


LEAXCoin is the cryptocurrency that comes with the solution to all the problems related to real estate transactions whether in buying, renting, leasing, launching or even in registering properties.

LEAXCoin represents a valuable opportunity for individuals wanting to capitalize on this unique real estate-­backed investment.

The success of the Leaxcoin platform will be totally achieved with a global community, founders,

ambassadors, members, real estate specialists and experienced developers, who integrate, with

the necessary tools, into all the real estate processes and regulatory agencies of property

registration for the blockchain. Everything complies with the countless jurisdictions of every

country, state and city.

To protect themself from being frauded with property rights they need use in near future blockchain technology. Each block has information about property rights on every real estate as the list. The advantage of this technology that nobody can change information inside the node so investors might be sure about safety and completeness of providing information.


Whatever is once recorded in blockchain, can’t be deleted or modified later. No need to keep stacks of physical files or even online files like excel for the record keeping. Blockchain is future.


Blockchain technology will change that way in the future. we can get various properties in a cellular application, leaxcoin wants it. simplifying and satisfying for property acquisition, is a great target of this platform.


surely this will happen
leaxcoin will make all easy that no one may have thought about simplifying property related problems by blockchain technology


Well, I hope that happens, because the reason I’m following Leax is because the coin becomes a revolution for blockchain that enters real estate.


At the moment, I am not doing anything other than Leax, so I want it to go the moon otherwise I’m screwed.


you are doing good
i also doing only fore leax this time no doubt leax going to be precious diamond
because leax team members working very hard
i wish they get big success