Leaxcoin is the best opportunity


Do not miss this golden chance to change growth
Leaxcoin will be best global currency so everybody should make leaxcoin own and be part of a
great success


That’s why we are here and spending our time on this forum, so that we could get some amount of leax from bounty. Good Luck.


Yes, at present Leaxcoin is the best and I wish it will always be remain best and get great success in the coming time. We can earn maximum leax from Leaxcoin Bounty.


20% of bounty fund which is 300 million, will be given to active users of this forum. So, yeah, its a great opportunity to earn leax from this bounty campaign since there is not much competition here.


I personally don’t understand that, haha, but I try to do the best in this bounty, because I also believe leaxcoin can be the best. among other bounties.


this forum is easier than joining Sigcam, I see participants competing to post more, including me. this is very fun, hopefully other projects create forums too.


softcap has been achieved, that is proof that the leaxcoin team is very good. I also hope for a prize on this project. I hope the allocation for this forum will not change.


for all projects we hope for the bounty program. every day we promote the project, only to get the best results for us. This is a new method of promotion, using forums as a medium.


What don’t you understand buddy?


Yeah :smiley:
I’m spending most of my time here and not doing any other bounty at the moment.


All leax has been sold out already. Pre ICO and ICO both ended with 100% sale of tokens.


And a better method than signature campaign in my opinion where we post on topics in which thousands of posts are already there.


I also think so, hopefully the prize does not change and is out of wishful thinking :slight_smile: because if you see the comments above leax is very potential.


wow very very nice
how much total supply of the coin


I don’t know how much the coin supply is, but I’m sure the price of the coin will be expensive.


how can you say leaxcoin price will be expensive ahead
what will be the reason


So you’re doing the bounty without research :stuck_out_tongue:

Total supply is 2 billion.


Pre ICO and ICO sold out in market conditions when other projects can’t even reach soft cap. What more proof do you need miss?