Leaxcoin: Ending 2018 Right And Starting 2019 With A Blast


2018 was such a big year for us here at Leaxcoin. Being a blockchain solution for properties and real estate, we know that being able to establish and creating an impact will be our priority, and revolutionizing the real estate market globally will be our utmost concern.

And just to have a look back at our accomplishments to the year that was, here are some of the highlights of our achievements:

  • In Q2, we were able to do a private sale for investors and our pre-initial token offering have begun.
  • Q3, we have launched our ICO
  • Also in Q3, we have successfully launched on different platforms our own digital wallet called the ‘Leax Wallet’.
  • And at Q4, we have successfully listed Leaxcoin on some of the best-known exchanges our there namely: Dobitrade, Negociecoins, and 3xbit.

As of the moment, we are now negotiating with several exchanges to further enhance our exposure when it comes to Leaxcoin being listed in some of the most renowned exchanges around the world.

We are also doing the platform development currently, making sure that we can be able to provide the needed solution for real estate by using smart contracts this year, creating real estate listing, opportunities, and crowd sale.

Overall, 2018 was such an amazing year for Leax, and this was made possible thru the efforts of our Global Ambassadors, Developers, and Communities that tirelessly worked and helped each other to achieve a goal of providing and creating the evolution of blockchain for the real estate industry.


Very very nice leaxcoin success is our success leaxcoin will surpass btc in future


True! thank you for supporting!