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Here are some of the latest updates coming from us here at Leaxcoin

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When leaxcoin on its own block chain
We are holding my leaxcoin on myetherwallet
What will be done with these leaxcoins
Please tell me sir

Hi, the tokens (leaxcoins) will still be used for tokenization and trading as usual. We are just doing and creating our own blockchain. Once done, we will push thru the partnership with the exchanges like LA Token, Cointiger, BXB and others. More updates coming soon. Just hold on to your leax tokens! :slight_smile:

Hello, any news about project, about were we can trade, new exchanges?
And we have “Real Estate Listing” in Road Map it is Q4 but point in that Road map still in Q1 Does this mean that the project is late?
Thank you!

Hi, as for the updates, you can check out our Medium channel. Here is one of the latest update/s that we have: and this,

As for the exchange, we are about ready to roll out our own exchange in Latin America very soon and to the Southeast Asian Region. The project is not late and there has been a lot of things that has been happening. Do stay tuned.

Sir how to update new contract address
Please guide me