Know When to Sell Bitcoin


The trick with that sort of game is knowing when to sell . Leave it too late and your opportunity has gone. Do it too early and you might miss huge profits. Are you willing to spend a lot of time researching, reading the financial news, and reading between the lines? Do you have a appetite for risk? Can you do it dispassionately without allowing FOMO (fear of missing out) or FOJITS (fear of joining in to soon) to influence your decisions. Those with the latter fear are probably technophobes who don’t understand that the later you leave it to buy into Bitcoin, the more expensive it gets, unless you are lucky enough to join in during a Bitcoin drop in value. Fear rules the Bitcoin market just like it rules the stock market. In fact, Bitcoin progress depends on the brave.
You are not alone. Everyone in the crypto world wishes they had bought into Bitcoin when the value was a few cents per coin. But look around at some promising ICOs. Or recently established altcoins It’s not too late for that sort of opportunity! Bitcoin is always going to be the biggest thing though.


You can do bitcoin selling every day, just choose the best time at a good price. to hold bitcoin for a long time, I think next year can sell it.


You can buy and sell within weeks and still make some profits but then you won’t get the big gains which holders gets.


really holding long is very nice to earn big gains like investors/holders
i have some 0.4 btc


now is the right time to buy bitcoin, because the price drops very far, and bitcoin can be the first investment option that has the potential in the future. .


Keep holding. Don’t sell it. Keep it in cold storage. Btw if you are holding 24k worth valorem then surely you can afford more btc.


i will not sell i hold these coins