Japanese companies will start paying salaries in Bitcoin


Altcoins hodler is buying mate, satoshi nakamoto was not, its different case


Satoshi nakamoto mined those coins just as another regular miner mines the coins. Its no different buddy.

He believed in it and maybe he knew that this will be big. There were other people too who mined at that time and got the hefty profits.


at the end we just need to wait and see, i hope satoshi never dump their coin at one time


XRP get 1$ soon :wink::wink:


Shitcoins pump and attract people and then they dump hard, really hard and people lose money. Better be careful with that xrp shit.


:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: Have you ever been hurt with XRP? hahaha it’s your experience. I’ve also experienced it like that, but I don’t hate the coin.


You need to be very careful with the various coins in which there is no certainty. You can quickly lose your money and undermine trust in crypto currencies.


Maybe he buy at 3$ last year haha


Yeah, maybe but who knows :joy::joy::joy: