Japanese companies will start paying salaries in Bitcoin


personally i dont want to get paid in crypto for real life job, crypto is volatile, im still confident to get paid by fiat and buy some stack of crypto when the market bear


Thanks. I’ll study a little about those coins.

Too much volatility and too much manipulatioj is there in the market. Fiat are good for salaries.


Same here. Here, price can be 10x more or 10x low in just one month or even few days. At least fiat’s inflation is not that much and yes, I can always buy some crypto in bear market at low price which probably will give me some good returns.


Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and NEO is the list of other altcoins that i think will grow this year. these altcoins are fully developed and continue growing. Out of many altcoins these coins stands out or shine more.


Not a fan of bitcoin cash but I do believe that NEO, EOS and Ethereum will grow. I have more faith in NEO and EOS because of their blockchain and more and more coins are migrating to their chain.


Im not agree for BCH, too many fork with this coin, too many intrict, community should stronger first before the coin can growth


Every other month, there is some fork coming in plus too much hype in Jan that Bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin, bitcoin will die and bitcoin cash will take over bla bla and now nobody even talks about it. There are tens of good coins which are much much better than BCH.


I have pioneered the real business of crypto yields last year, so there is an additional monthly income. seeing crypto conditions again crying, I’m not worried.


Seems you have been here for long and have gained a lot of experience. I’m sure you have made a good amount of money too which I intend to do now.


for next year, I prefer to hold BCH, Alt, and BTC. I see the condition is more stable than other coins.


BCH is the coin i hate the most, this coin had too many drama inside, i prefer to buy btc or some alts


Good for you, I hope you get the best results.

I share your thoughts brother, but I don’t have anything to buy now. I can only wish for the market to recover and gain something from my initial investment.


Yap, we just can wait till market recover, atleast 50% from highest cap, 2018 is bad year for investment and bounty in crypto :frowning:


yes we wait patiently. I am sure the market will return to normal, the indicator is that many good projects have sprung up every day, crypto seminars in various countries are always there, and new projects are very optimistic about welcoming 2019.


Up to 50%, I think a variety of coins will be reached. Most coins are registered in CMC that already have names with workflows that are clearly visible


This is the reason I call crypto self dependent because you have the chance to make any decision of your choice and the once you think it will be beneficiary to you.
To I prefer altcoins to bitcoin or bitcoin cash do I still have some but not as Altcoin because I like investing in ico project.


Anyway you meant be right because in most cases many people said out there coin not because they want to sell but just because of the present situation they are into that is why most time I don’t lye blame on people when they sell token for low price


I hate bch in first place, and the second place is btc, satoshi have so many coin to dump in there, i love new coin with clear coinomic


We all make our choices when purchasing coins for profit. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but we are responsible for that. No one can blame anyone else for their loss. So everyone, buy what you think is best for you and get the gains. :slight_smile:


Dude, take the top 100 coins on coinmarketcap. Every coin has some whales. There are people who have millions of those coins, they can all dump their coins whenever they want.

If satoshi wanted to dump his coins, he would have at the peak. Besides, he mined them. It isn’t the case that he wrote the code in such a way that there were mined coins which he kept for himself.

If you want coins in which there are no whales, no big holders, then there are many new and good projects in which there is only 1% or 5% pre-mine which is being airdropped to people for marketing. They just lack marketing and advertisment because of lack of funds because they did not have anything to sell because of very low premine or no premine.