Japanese companies will start paying salaries in Bitcoin


TOKYO: Japanese companies will start paying part of the salaries of their employees in Bitcoin, because it aims to get a better understanding of virtual currencies, a spokesman said Friday.

Internet GMOs, which operate various web-related businesses including finance, online advertising and internet infrastructure, will start paying up to 100,000 yen ($ 890) per month by Bitcoin to employees in Japan starting in February next year.

“Employees can receive salaries by Bitcoin if they want,” company spokesman Harumi Ishii told French wire services.

“We hope to improve our own virtual currency capabilities by actually using it,” he said.

The offer will be open to around 4,000 employees of the GMO group in Japan, he said.

The company started a trading and Bitcoin exchange business in May.

And next month, it will join the so-called “Bitcoin mining” business - getting the right to receive new Bitcoin as a gift because it helps keep the network safe by approving transactions.

source: Internet GMO


Bitcoin price is not stable. It fluctuates highly. If they get their salaries when the price is down and then it increases, then they would be in some gain but what if they get their salaries when the market is at peak and suddenly it goes down the next day? They’ll highly be in loss. So if it is on employees if they want to receive their salaries in bitcoin, I don’t think they will want that except for few exceptions.


Many companies around the world understand the unlimited possibilities of crypto currency and blocking technology. Today they are already making bold steps to the future, thereby developing and improving these technologies. Japan, as always ahead of all.


the latest source I have not received the info.

Right what you say, I strongly disagree with giving salary through BTC. Pity the employee, if that happens. The BTC value always evaporates and it’s not good. it’s better to pay with your own country money.


Yeah. Investing and taking risk with some percentage of the savings is one thing but getting whole salary in crypto is pure gamble and the house always wins.


step and must move, the risk is the spice of the process. courage to invest must be there, step for the best. we only try to get the best.


It will be great! There will be continuous demand on bitcoin. It’s nice to see how Japanese companies wanted their employees to learn and be more aware of what is going on with the digital age. This will open more doors for prospective crypto investors as these employees, in time, will become enthusiastic and curious that they will jump in and join in the crypto world. This will contribute to the true demand of bitcoin over time. Hopefully they will successful and more and more companies and enterprises realise this move by Japanese companies. However, these newcomers should be taught and briefed about the crypto world, how they should not panic in case of market being down, in case they wanted to hodl in long term.


Only a patient attitude that I can say to see this world. everything is in each of them, the market conditions are again concerned but do not reduce the determination of the project developers. They are competing to make new ideas, almost every day there are new projects emerging, some are successful and not depending on their determination and performance. we as bounty hunters do not lose determination, they rely on capital and mind, we are just social media capital for promotion. patience and passion.


Its in nature of every market go up and down. Its perfectly normal and patience is a quality needed to stay calm in order to get profits. If you panic, you have almost lost already.


I like to panic. panic when there is an urgent need for family. Saving lots of tokens is indeed a lot of profit, when there is an urgent need we can easily make money, just by selling one of the tokens. :kegembiraan::kegembiraan:


‘When there is urgent need’ is always justified. But when market moves 5% down and you’re like crypto is dead, sell everything and exit is not justified :rofl:


hahahah … that’s what makes heartache sustainable, remembered, and sorry.
his condition, after 1 day selling the coin the value went up again.:sob::sob::sob::sob:


And I was super optimistic one from the beginning. Even when market went down by 50%, I was still holding everything and did not sell anything which cost me almost all of my invested amount. So a balance of being optimistic and paranoia is required. We should have a rough idea of when to buy and when to sell.


This is a big news to the crypto-world. Its now a garauntee that bitcoin will surely be pump by next year and that bitcoin will no longer die.Japan is really adapting cryptocurrency and Im glad I have some japanses tokens too wihich i got from bounty and airdrops.


Would you please state which tokens. I might buy some too.


I hope like that. My motivation for holding tokens is always inferior to the necessities of life. Just be patient, hopefully get a better coin.


hope various countries quickly adopt crypto coins, and make the coin rules, the impact of the spread of crypto coins is getting faster, more and more demand, prices are more stable and profitable.


It happened a long time ago, when I held the NPX token (Pundi x). if now almost all tokens are impaired.


there is this Lilith coin, posicoin and QAcoin. Posicoin is already traded in various exchanges, however other tokens are still working on getting listed. You should get atleast a spare amount of japanese tokens as they are beginning to adopt the crypto-world.


Undoubtedly, we need to receive a salary in hard currency. And today bitcoin is not suitable for this.