Japan’s Largest Bank Experiments Using Own Crypto at Convenience Store


Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, one of the world’s largest financial groups, has been experimenting with using its own cryptocurrency, the Mufg coin, for payments at a convenience store for employees . This week, a local publication reported on the progress of the experiment.

Payments at Convenient Store

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (Mufg) has been experimenting with its digital currency, the Mufg coin. A convenience store for employees only, located at the group’s headquarters in Tokyo, has been allowing Mufg employees to pay with these coins. The Sankei Shimbun visited the store and reported this week that the experiment “is quietly advancing.”

Mufg coins being used at the convenience store for employees. Photo credit: the Sankei Shimbun.

Japan's Largest Bank Experiments Using Own Crypto at Convenience Store

A cash register has been set up for payments using Mufg coins at the store. Employees paying with them present the QR code displayed on their smartphones to the store clerk at checkout. Mufg will examine any issues faced by both the users or the merchant.

In addition to making payments at the convenient store, the coins can be used to exchange money between colleagues such as splitting bills, the news outlet conveyed.

Mufg is Japan’s largest financial groups, with total assets of 306 trillion yen (~US$2.76 trillion) as of March 31. One of its subsidiaries, Mufg Bank, is also Japan’s largest bank with offices throughout Japan and in 40 other countries.

Plans for the Mufg Coin

The Mufg coin was created as Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group explored how “blockchain technology could be applied for a variety of everyday financial needs, such as withdrawals and deposits to transactions and payments,” the company previously described, elaborating:

Potentially this coin could have large-scale commercial potential, as well serving small-scale retail bank customers. Other than Mufg coin, Mufg is testing another untitled digital currency rewards [program] for employees who reduce their overtime hours and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Japan's Largest Bank Experiments Using Own Crypto at Convenience Store

Japanese daily Mainichi explained that the coin is pegged to the yen, with the price of one Mufg coin kept stable at one yen.

The group detailed that while banknotes and physical coins can be widely used, their “significant toll in terms of cost and time required for the procurement, storage and transport of these instruments is often overlooked.” The Mufg coin has, therefore, been developed as a low-cost cashless finance infrastructure.

According to Mufg, the coins will have “instantaneous transfer capabilities” and provide the ability to make micropayments “in decimal value increments.”

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Well this is what we wanted to see in every enterprise where blockchain can settle. My worry is, for certain countries for which mobile devices (for cashless transactions) are hot items for snatchers and criminals. This poses risks to coin/token holders who are into digital curriencies. Hopefully, convenience will not be traded over security.


There will be precautions to be made. Like the device will auto-lock after a few minutes of idle or remote deletion. I am impress on what Japan is doing as they are really applying the cryptocurrencies into their daily lives unlike other countries who just continues to create useless coins/tokens.


Japan is leader in technology because they don’t shy away from accepting and experimenting with anything new that can have a huge potential. This is a great initiative by them. Of course security concerns would be there but you know, its Japan! They will figure something out for that too.


You are probably right, Guarav11kb… That is why I really like Japan a lot because they have a different culture and are truly motivated when it comes to technology. No doubt in the next 3-5 years, they will have their official cryptocurrency that can be used anywhere in Japan.