Italy enters the European Blockchain Partnership


Italy is going to join the European Blockchain Partnership, according to the representative of the country’s parliament Mirella Liuzzi.

According to Liuzzi, the partnership - cooperation of 26 EU countries - will be signed by the Minister of Economic Development, Labor and Social Policy Luigi Di Mayo on September 28 in Brussels.

Liuzzi also noted that the government will soon find experts in the field to develop a development strategy for the sector related to the crypto currency.

The European Blockchain Partnership was created in April 2018 to serve as a means of cooperation between the EU member states.

First 22 countries joined it, then the organization spread to 26 members, as it was joined by Greece, Romania, Denmark and Cyprus.

Earlier in June, the southern city of Naples launched a focus group, supported by the local mayor, to promote Blockchain projects and the Initial Offer of Coins (ICO).

Later, the Southern region, constantly trying to expand its autonomy, announced that it was ready to launch its own crypto currency.

In addition, the Italian football club “Juventus” - one of the most famous football clubs in the country - plans to launch its own “fan token” in partnership with the blockchain platform.


the more positive information, in developed countries blockchain technology is common. This is great technology, I’m sure that in addition to Italy many countries will adopt this technology.


Very much effective information Italy a rich development country’s take a positive step to develop the cryptocurrencies which makes crypto market very stable and secure.


This is nice. Day by day, more countries are accepting this technology, this shows the promises this technology shows to the future.

I hope my country also accepts blockchain and crypto currencies.


That’s a nice ideas of Italy which makes blockchain very stable and efficient of crypto currency businesses. Europe has a big contribution in crypto, blockchain, and Italy also partner with Europe which is very strength in blockchain.