Is Leaxcoin Project Dead?


From last few months, I have been wondering whether this project is now alive or dead.

First they distributed only a tiny fraction of bounty allocated tokens to the bounty participants which was really really unfair. Anyone raising their voice was kicked and banned from the telegram group.

Then Leax was listed on an exchange on which only residents of Brazil could trade. It traded there for almost 1$/Leax for sometime and Brazil residents made heavy gains.

And now there is no news regarding anything. Sure there are some updates on twitter regularly but the questions of people are going unanswered.

There are people like me who really believed in this project and are still holding Leax in their wallets but silence of the team makes it harder for us to believe in them.

If there is any team member present here, kindly do comment on this post, positive or otherwise. Any forum member online, do share your sentiments about the present situation of Leax and probable future course.


Hi Gaurav

how are you?

you and a member well known to us from the leaxcoin team, you even participated in our reward campaign.

We are developing our tokenization platform, remembering that up until now we have not delayed our roadmap at any time.

We were invited to participate in the Malta Summit can follow at this link

We do not want to create unnecessary expectations on our users and investors, you can continue to follow the medium and the telegram.

Over the last few days, we’ve posted a new developer:

So YES our team is working and a lot for everything to be delivered on time.

In relation to Brazil we had several problems with the exchange that realized this type of situation, and already we disconnected from it, precisely because of this.

Now she is only at DobiTrade and we are talking to other exchanges, but for the moment she suppresses all the demand so we are going calmly to not give any problem as they have already occurred.

Github is for view our code.

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Its good to know that there is progress but it would be even better if the Leax holders are conveyed some news about it through social media.

I was even asked to do some tasks for this platform by one of the Leax Bounty distribution admin on telegram but after that everyone just vanished from everywhere. No response on telegram by any admin.

Thanks for the response.


our main channel of discussion is this forum and social networks, we are informing what is necessary, remembering that the decision to sell or buy is the responsibility of the investor, we are working hard to get everything completed in time.


sell your assets bro,
don’t burden yourself with the project is not clear,
from the start the leax team’s bounty was not good,
so this is appropriate because Leax loses trust from anyone.


I’ll take the risk of holding. Thanks for the concern ayato :slight_smile:

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Wkwkwk, nice bro. .
Good luck. . :blush:


Hello, how is going the process of listing in other platforms than DOBI, and how is going work process (developing)? Because we dont have enough information and updates in this Forum.


Please kindly read our most recent update here:

We will provide more news and announcements once we have done any progress on what we are currently doing.

Thank you for the support!