Is it risky to buy not top 100 crypto currencies


Hey what do you think, is it risky to buy crypto currencies that are not top 100? I mean do you have a higher chance to lose your money or not


Nothing to do with top 100 or not but you need to look at the project features and which team or person behind the project. Because at the beginning most of the projects will not be in top position but it takes time to gain the attention from investors. So if you recognise the project potential much early then you can make a lot for the money. If you can’t research for some reason then always good to go with top few coins, not top 100 coins.


It all depends on market conditions when you decide to buy any coin.

People lose money even in buying and selling bitcoin which is at no 1. So, I would say that if you jump in market blindly and buy at the wrong time, you will lose money for sure.


not really for me, cryptocurencies have many factor influence here, influential market maker are also here
example hydro and polymath at ico their token very cheap but 3-6 mont release at market they raised up amazing, hope leaxcoin can do that too


Top 100 coins as the basic alibi for you to invest, there are still many other good coins outside the top 100. Coin selection must be based on your own analysis, learn about the project, the team, the product and follow the progress of the project.


i a gree with you Mam, much factor can breaks their price, give a little time to research their project progress before you invest some money their or maybe you choose 3 or 5 token to invest hope some of them can profit


new project can give much profit but some times zero and you feel only pain not gain
so go carefully