Is Eos better than Ethereum


With the new highs Eos is getting, many people started to looks seriously on investing eos, its future looks strong will it takeover Eth or give hard time to Eth?

Plz tell also when market will go stable and increase like it did many times in past


Comparing those two is not a good idea but yeah, there is no scalability problem with EOS which occurs with ethereum and network gets clogged too.


Both have advantages in the network, which distinguishes only the value of coins, the volume of coins and the level of network usage.


this is obvious. EOS can complete millions of transactions per second. Its transfer fee is low. It is superior to ether. more and more ICO will give up ether. They will turn to EOS.


eos is very good and very potential this is like gold mine i holding this because i know
this will perform very well in future
and leax even perform


yes you are right
this is main cause that people want the eos in their crypto portfolio
and this is not far when ico’s start giving eos
it is superior
but leaxcoin also will be top ten


Currently, we could say EOS is a strong competitor of ETH. But remember, we are not focused only on what is can bring today but tomorrow and the days afterward. Right now, we are looking for projects and blockchain technology which can bring us further while continuously improving in every aspect plus community support and mass adoption. As for the market movement, we cannot do anything about it. We do not know if we are getting manipulate by those huge holders or many investors have been skeptic about this technology. In time, when all the storms surrounding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as government regulations, cyber criminals and the likes, calm then we shall see price change, whether up or down. Really, no one can tell how excatly this industry will move from this day forward. But if you just believe in, we know we are getting somewhere different here.


right eos is really strongest competitor of eth and many people thinking good about this
but who hold this surely reap profit


Things are improving slowly but we shouldn’t take any decision in haste. EOS can handle much more transactions per second than ethereum but even now ethereum is the after bitcoin which has maximum dominance and controlling the alts.

Those good things we read about any coins from experts and crypto gurus on twitter, they are there just to manipulate us and they are the ones who gets benefit from them.



therefore i hold my all eos for long term safely like gold
and if happened so i will very rich in future because i have many eos
i was lucky that bought eos


Exactly how many EOS did you buy and at what price?

EOS has 1 billion maximum supply and its market cap is already in few billions. I don’t think its going very much high until new money flows in.


still i hold eos and other coins for long because i am a real lover of crypto currency


Looks like either you don’t read the others’ comment or you simply decide to ignore them. Well, all is good. I hope your coins give you a hefty gain in future. Good Luck.


The EOS platform has good speed and low cost, but many still trust Ethereum.


EOS platform is still very new compared to Ethereum and people who have been in market for long or even the new ones has seen ethereum from the starting. People will choose eos over ethereum but this migration will take time.


As time goes on, I’m sure eos can defeat ethereum, but I’m sure the ethreum will not remain silent seeing this happen.


just wait bro, the results we can see in the next few years :slight_smile: the most important thing is to forget to hold EOS before becoming expensive hehe


If you’re thinking of holding it for long term (some years at least), then it can be your retirement fund but if you’re not that patient and would like to book gains every few months then this is not a good investment.


yeah bro, I don’t hold a lot, I pay in installments every time I have more money, but even now I haven’t started it yet. ckck


It will surely give a hard time to ETH, though taking over is still a far way and we don’t know how ETH would evolve.
EOS was made to correct the defects of ETH with some of the people already involved in ETH and has a vibrant team.
On the other hand, ETH still have the larger number of brains and are too not sitting quite but are working for improving ETH furthermore.