Is cryptocurrency so difficult to understand


I engaged with young people and layman people in my communities on the quest of exposing them to cryptocurrency. During the period I discovered that they find It so difficult to understand the concepts, they are so much acquainted with fiat currency and traditional ways of making payment transactions.
I will be impress If I can get a valuable ways and methods in making them understand what cryptocurrency is all about and engage them actively.


indeed cryptocurrency is very difficult to understand. Every second is always changing, I think the experience that will bring you more understanding of the condition.


You can’t explain them anything about crypto unless they are already interested in it, this is what I have learned till now. So its better to stop wasting time and use that time for learning to trade.


When I first started learning about something. It will feel very difficult. But the habit and time will help us get to know everything. And the crypto is the same. Regularly reading the daily crypto news will help you understand the concepts of crypto more clearly.


this is for everybody i start all fell difficulties but gradually everything goes well
and start feel easy in doing
so never should fear with difficulties


Some things comes with experience which a person will gain if he willing to try something new. You wanted to enter, so you did but you can’t force someone to do the same. For example if I don’t want to learn the french language then I just won’t and no one can do anything about that. It’ll always feel difficult to me.


yes everyone free to do their own wish no body can force anyone
force can’t teach a man