Is Bounty hunting profitable?


I hope that happens. various posts are given in this forum, hoping to get decent rewards.
I ask you, if the reward has been given to us. Are you still using this forum?


I’m not going anywhere if I’ll still have people here with those I can have knowledgeable conversation. I have joined many discord groups solely for this reason, and I’m not getting any reward or AD from them. My thinking is that I should learn as much as I can about this market to get benefits in the long term. Hell, I’m even thinking of learning TA if I get a good teacher.

But honestly my frequency of being online would reduce and I’ll stop reacting and replying to stupid and spam posts which some users are making deliberately.

What about you @LindaIbr?


yes i will use this forum if forum remain active but i know many all of us leave the forum after getting their reward
but i request all forum members to remain active even after getting their reward
i love leax most and i want others love like me


Yes many bounty campaign really profitable, again many scams bounty campaign is unprofitable. Nowadays maximum bounty campaign is scams. About 80% scams bounty everywhere.


you are really right bounty campaign really profitable but only if legit bounty campaign may be joined
now a days many are scam


Yes. I deeply support your opinion because everywhere a lots of Scam bounty which give us nothing but a loss of time and attempts. But really good bounty projects give us profit.


Not all. There are good projects which are legit but if the reward fund is small and no of participants are in thousands, then bounty hunting for those projects in not at all profitable. You only get pennies.


Not all but also good bounty campaign brings profits. I am joined, joining many bounty campaign but maximum bounty campaign is scams and don’t pay me any payments, so i have not enough egarity towards bounty campaign.


absolutely not all
but if you found right like leaxcoin bounty and join then surely reap all profit


That is really sad and outrageous. And that’s why we should do some research before investing our time. All the best to you for choosing mext good bounties.


in most cases bounty is profitable, just like leaxcoin now that are able to achieve there hardcap both invest and bounty hunter will be profit if they keep to there promise because many companies are now fund of using bounty hunter and at last they won’t keep to there promise.


Yes. in the unstable crypto market conditions, the Leaxcoin platform offers tremendous surprises. Other platforms are very difficult to achieve sales targets, but the condition of Leaxcoin is very fast reaching the target in coin sales. Right or Not, I don’t know the exact achievement of the Leaxcoin target.


every bounty that reach softcap is profitable, but peoples dont have a little patience to wait, and it ended they sold their reward below ico price, this inmature sold that make bounty looks not profitable


i think bounty hunting is very much profitable
if may found like our LEAXCOIN