Is Bounty hunting profitable?


Yep. That’s what I have telling from the beginning. Whether you’re investing your money or time (bounties), in both the cases research is very important. Its better to spend few hours on research than to spend and waste months on doing some crap bounties and regretting later.


as the initial criteria it is very good to take part in the bounty program. we don’t know later, just trying to follow the rules. sometimes a good team does not guarantee the success of the project.


yes bounty hunting is profitable if competition is low but many few bounty has few participants so difficult to find profitable bounty program


May 2017-May 2018 ive get 12k usd real price , i dunno how many i will get for May 2018-May 2019, for now ive already get 23k usd in ico price since may 2018, i hope market will recover and this 23k can be real price when i need to sell it


Good marketing team and a great luck is also needed for the success in today’s time.


Here, In leax, we do have low competition but when it comes to twitter and facebook, competition is really very tough.


You were lucky to get in crypto in may last year. I entered in Dec-2017. Don’t worry, I hope you’ll make great gains this year too, probably much more than 12k.


Thanks mate, i hope you get much money too, and i hope your btt account can posting again ASAP


I think I’ll leave btt for good now. First they banned my account then they brought new rule and made merits compulsory and now newbies can’t even post. Btt is going to shit.


You are welcome buddy :slight_smile:

I sure hope that too. Need to make some money.


Crypto is not good for making money bro


Then what are we all doing here buying and selling coins?


We doing investment, for long term, is not good to selling bounty hunting reward too early, trust me :slight_smile:


I don’t believe in selling early too. I’m a HODLer and always have been. I won’t sell anything specially in this bearish market or if I think that coin has more potential to grow.


agree, atleast selling at the Ico price, think like youre an investor too, and yes we are an investor i think, but we invest our time in here, not with money like them


Time is money buddy. Even when I invest money directly, I won’t sell anything for pennies.


Nice dude, youre awesome, see you on top, i hope i will heard Gaurav from India become crypto millionaire in nesr future :slight_smile:


I just want to make some money, I don’t dream of millions at this time :slight_smile:


ahhah lol bro, I am sure you will get what you want actively here. because you are in the right place and at the right time.


If I’ll make millions, I’ll give you 5% share for saying the good words and wishes :wink: