Is Bounty hunting profitable?


Those who are familiar with ICO, they would also hear term bounty hunting. A bounty Campaign is when you do little tasks for the company and instead of getting Fiat, money like Euro or Dollar, you get stakes. Those stakes will transform into X Tokens which when the Ico starts can be traded for Fiat. These works are always very simple. But I feel bounty hunting is a crowded space now, too many participants and less bounty reward pool is killing the sprit of bounty hunters. And then there are these noob bounty managers who doesn’t have expertise to identitfy quailty of work by bounty hunters. Bounty hunters ends up earning very meger pay out! I think it’s time for bounty managers to change the strategy- accept limited number of bounty hunters and pay them based on the quality of work. What do you guys think?


What you’ve written is absolutely true. There are too many bounty hunters and not much rewards. What we can do as bounty hunters is look for the projects who are paying good rewards. We should do a little calculation about the project before starting doing any bounties. If then the rewards are good enough, then we can do the campaign. I have become very much cautious regarding this. Doing 100 bounties which are going to pay you pennies is not good, instead do some 4-8 bounties which will reward you handsomely if they like our quality work.

If the managers are going to accept minimum number of hunters then that’s also a good idea but then they should also place some primary filters so that those who are not serious enough for the bounties don’t get in.


Well, im not sure if you have tried managing a bounty but it is hard. Especially when there are a lot of people joining the campaign, you cannot monitor everyone. For “quality of work”, there might be some who are not fairly given stakes as the managers have to check each of the work and maybe got lazy checking everybodies work. There are still some bounty campaigns that are worth it, you just have to find the right one.


I have been an admin and managed the one of the bounty telegram group some time ago. I think it’s time for bounty manager to come up with some new strategy, limiting the bounty participants, limiting the bounty period and coming up API’s to calculate the bounty work. There are too many scam accounts, which is killing the true spirit of bounty hunters. The biggest problem I would say.


Yes, indeed, a large number of participants can be good for the project, but bad for bounty hunters. We can not influence the team or the manager. In this case, only projects with a small number of participants should be selected.


Less number of bounty hunters doing quality job. That’s how it should be. Off lately, I got into situtaion where I worked for 5-6 months and ended up getting 1 token for one of the campaign. I polietly asked bounty manager not to distribute it. 1 token is 0.02$. Do maths–> 5 months of work and getting paid 0.02$, that would be an end of world.


That’s why proper research about the rewards is necessary too. Doing 4-5 good bounties with good rewards is better than doing 30-40 bounties which may or maynot pay. At least in first case, we can be sure that we’ll be paid handsomely.


I agree, if you follow the quality, not the quantity, you will get better results.


That’s right, sist, this needs to be a topic of discussion, because there are several projects that the bounty manager doesn’t know will be difficult to become a bounty hunter, so when giving the prize, it doesn’t count whether it works good or bad.
One of the problems that need to be taken into account is that there are already many who have become bounty hunters, so there must be a new strategy from the organizer so that the bounty hunter doesn’t feel careless and the prizes given are in accordance with the hard work of the bounty hunter.


In this regard, I really liked the concept of leaxcoin bounties. For example, your twitter campaign stakes are directly linked to your number of followers. So each follower counts for that. Plus there is this community forum campaign where we are commenting and talking right now, not many people want to join it because here, they have to use their brain a little to take part in it. They can’t just come and share or retweet something to win the rewards. So all bounty managers should think something like this to reward those who are really serious for the project and the bounty participation.


Yes, agree. Leaxcoin a good bounty platform.


i think we dont know for the first joining bounty some ico, if their token sold out hardcaps i think thats will be profitable for bounty hunter like me, but so far not all ico will be succesfully, some their succesfully ico not distributing too for us, much element in this case, never same to all, but i think yeah one or maybe some ico i joint can be profitable for, if not why i still do it this right now hehehe
Now i joint this bounty i really hope this project will be succesfully soon ofcourse, because if project goal i get some price to, and not vain i do it some work
marketing, social media post its the best for promotions some event or project
bounty price only 1-10% token for us from token sale, its a little money for the project


Not all projects which reaches their hardcap are good ones. For example, Bigbom, as soon as they removed the restriction of maximum limit of buying their tokens, in just 15 minutes, their all tokens were sold. People put orders of upto 300 Eth and I saw that. But just after listing on exchanges, it fell. Now its not even 10% of their minimum ico price because all they did was promise stars and moon to the people but they didn’t actually do anything to implement their promises.


Bounty hunting. that is the stall used by the team to promote the project. this is very beneficial for the project, because various social media are used by bounty participants, whereas if the direct promotion project is always charged a very large fee for 1 promotion. But for investors, they do not like the bounty participants, the reason is always damaging the value of the token.


main reason is that most of the bounty hunters think that they are getting the tokens for free and they should sell them as soon as the opportunity presents. It causes a fall in price as soon as the token or coins gets listed on exchanges. That’s why investors don’t like bounty participants. We are not getting paid for free, we are putting months into every single bounty, so we shouldn’t just dump the tokens as we get the chance. A token locking for sometime is a good idea to avoid that.


now there are some projects that do that. “lock” the word that effectively separates us from investors. I hope many projects don’t know the trick.


Ofcourse Bounty hunting is profitable for the participant, but the project also received a lot of benefit, their project getting advertised by bountier.


Now a days there are some projects which are locking all coins, even of investors’ and they unlock it with time. For example 20% of your holdings (whatever you have bought) will unlock every quarter. So no one, even investors can dump their coins in the market.

Not all bounties are profitable. Some just waste our time.


the condition of the project is now very dilemma for us, very profitable and detrimental. various perceptions emerged from the project, investors and bounty participants, all their opinions were correct.


Sure it’s not all, but also you should review and find out more info about the project before joining their bounty program, it’s important thing.