Invest before analyzing ico and coin


read white paper carefully and understand the business behind the project if you find perfect and much scalable the business and business future plans is much batter than inter the business to invest
now a days many ico projects are without a business


Rightly said. As per some research, code of 90% coins is copied from some other coins. They don’t even want to write a new code, how are they going to develop the project. So its better to do proper research before investing your hard earned money.


reading “whitepapers” in projects is really needed, so we can understand the project, without understanding the coin, we are investing in nonsense, because we don’t know whether the coin has the potential or not.


Doing your homework before putting your hard earned money is a must to do.


Studying all the information on the projects will help you save a lot of time, money and will give you the opportunity to choose only the best options.



Very true. Its really important but still people take risks, some gain and others lose and then they cry about losing their money.


Most new investors buys new coins just because those coins are being shilled on twitter and then they lose money. They shoukd understand that they are being shilled because they are not good enough and if you think that is good coin then be sure of ir snd read all the related info before investing to avoid regretting later.


Yes if you make investment without getting proper and complete information and knowledge about the ICO and Coin, definitely it will be stupidity. Analysis and R&D are most important and first priority to make any kind of investment.


Usually newbies make all the investments without completely studying the necessary information, and then cry about the losses.


I know man, I’ve been there. I did exactly the same thing, lost almost a year’s salary but I didn’t cry about it, at least I was better somewhere :wink:

And now I’m making that money back. Slowly.

But yeah, to all newbies here, don’t jump in the market ill informed or un-informed. Do proper research.


Many people has lost there fund in the name of ignore, before you even thinking of investing it always necessary to study the whitepaper and website because it will give you the full view and dimension of the project.


Some people (I’m included) just jumped in the market when it boomed back in 2017. At that time, I didn’t even know what whitepaper was. All I knew that there is ripple which was very famous and was in news almost everyday. So I just bought it.

Don’t do it guys. Learn from others’ and my mistakes.


The experience derived from our own mistakes is the most valuable. The more experience, the better result in the future.



But we can learn something from others’ mistakes too. Its not necessary every time to burn your fingers too when you already know that the bowl you are putting your hand is a full of hot oil.

And maybe that’s why case studies are taught everywhere in all courses around the world.

But I would agree, experience gained from own mistakes is invaluable.


100% right
experience gained from own mistakes is invaluable
one should learn from others mistakes without burning himself/herself and this is very good


Very much effective and important information, better analysis is the preconditions of investment. Maximum project now scam, investing in scam projects can bring more risk and losses. So before investing in project must analysis ico and coin popularity.


your understanding is very good if you do so before investing i think you can save your self from scam ico,s
and never get loss


ICOdrops is a very good website and they list only good ico with a better team on their website. You might wanna have a look at it too, it’ll give useful info about many ICOs.


Great information because bad false ico is very harmful in coin market.many investors left in investment because they fear false ico. After all every investment ico analysis is very argent.


I second that friend and it is very much necessary now a days to be aware of everything related to ICO.