In the courts of China, the data recorded on the blockchain can be considered evidence


The Supreme People’s Court of China today ruled that the country’s Internet courts, which appeared last year and are intended to rule on cases involving copyright infringement on the Internet, fraud in online trading, etc., may take into consideration the blockchain of evidence. This item is included in the list of new rules regarding the activities of Internet courts and comes into force from the date of adoption.

Today, there is one Internet court in Hangzhou, and two more are planned to open in Beijing and Guangzhou.

However, in the city of Zhongshan City, blockchain technology will now be used to register conditionally-prematurely exempted citizens, who come to special centers for the performance of public works. The Ministry of Justice of the district decided that the blockchain platform launched by it would provide sufficient opportunities for round-the-clock monitoring of such citizens and would prevent public disorder, without increasing the burden on staff.

The spring to the idea of ​​using blockchain to streamline the storage of data came the State Control-Revision Office of the People’s Republic of China. Research and development in this area is supported both by local authorities, and by the central government and the head of state.


Just another good use of blockchain. It can’t be modified or meddled with, so it is a perfect evidence if it fits there. Soon some more countries will follow them.

We just don’t know it yet but blockchain can have millions of uses and we even won’t be able to imagine our lives without blockchain in few years or decades.


Blockchain Records Will now be Accepted as Legal Evidence,according to China’s Supreme Court Rules
but i don’y know much abut this it will be affective or not


It would be really effective as it can be considered an evidence which can never be modified or meddled with by anyone, no matter how good they are at altering other things.