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Important Leax Warning Update! (Please Read)


We Leax Foundation is carrying out the migration of the token to another contract, this is necessary in order to ensure maximum security in the smart contracts we use

Aiming at improving the protocol, we are providing an area in our wallet to perform the conversion to our new smart contract

All users will have a period of one month to make the conversion, after which the current smart contract will be blocked and it will no longer be possible to trade Leaxcoin for this contract.

Our new contracts is 0x2960d71855a521c8414d29a27218efdb67c34180

Access your wallet for more information

Is there a representative here in Brazil to help …?

Yes, we do have our developers who can be able to help. You can send your concern to so that they can be addressed ASAP. :slight_smile:

wallet page not available

404 Not Found

nginx/1.14.0 (Ubuntu)

We have already seen this problem, and it is now currently being addressed by our team, especially our developers. The wallet is working on mobile browsers, but we are still resolving the issue on the regular browsers.

Dear sir
How to update new contract address please tell us in details
Thanking you


Please kindly send your concern to so that your concern about the instructions be addressed ASAP. :slight_smile: Thank you!

Impossible to update new contract
And not any reply from leax team e-mail
So please send my leaxcoins 10700 to my wallet

Thanking you

I didn’t get any answer from the team e-mail too. How do we do to update to new contract after all?

PRINCEREDROSE, tell what you did, it’ll help us to don’t lose any coin too. At least until the team answer us how to do it right. Hopefully you’ll get back your funds

Leax team will eat our all leaxcoin
S o we should forget our leaxcoin

I dont recive any reply for LEAXcoin team too…and dont know how to update to new contract…

I think. Leax team in bad intention
If not they will send all holders new leaxcoin

Mark, i opened a new topic just to treat this issue. Please, take a look and answer there. It may gonna help who is in doubth too


Our team is now making a manual to be able to assist you guys on the update towards the new contract. For the mean time, please kindly see this guide and we hope that this can help you guys out on the said concern while we try to create the resolution.