If you will invest in bitcoin then why not now?


As we can see the bitcoin market price which is relatively cheaper compared to previous month for bitcoin and so this could be mean that this is the best time to invest on bitcoin. So why wait for another time to invest on bitcoin and why not now?


thats right, i think Bitcoin price $3000-$6000 its best to buy back for investing
bitcoin its one of mayor cryptocurencies for base trading
look will be greats year by year and will be booming again soon


im a gree. look now bitcoin are have been make waves, eth too its about $200 now, buy buy and buy more for investing


lets buy some and sell again at higher price
if you have much money maybe better you buy averaging
example you buy now at 6000 maybe 1 coins you buy again at 5000, 1 coins, buy more at $4000 1 coins again until deep you can get it
then, when price $10.000-20.000 for 1 coins you sell all
you will get a lot of money
i think bitcoin will use for exchange base altcoin for a long time
better you invest some at deep price


No no i invest in bitcoin 2 month ago when price is 7000 now market is cheaper, so i decide to hodl in future for more profits.


thanks friends for responding to my query


Yes, I agree, this is a good strategy and it helps to get the most favorable price. We can not know in advance how the market will behave.


it takes a good time to buy BTC, okay, the time is right, but the money to buy it isn’t right, so the right time is when it’s ready time and money.


Don’t you think we will never know the right time, I mean predicting with that level of finesse is an art?


correct bro, i also agree, but at least we can think positively that now the price of btc dropped very far from the beginning of january until now, and i guess btc will rise again. :slight_smile:


That’s right, we can think that the price of Bitcoin has fallen dramatically and soon growth should begin. But is it really so?


This Is Good Time To Invest In Bitcoin At Very Cheap