If cryptocurrency dies


what do you think if cryptocurrency dies? Will you still look for it, or wait for the possibility of being back? give your opinion.


I don’t think there are antiques in the crypto world, new ideas and new coins are looking for. Cryptocrrency may not exist, but the network will continue to grow.


I simply think that crypto currencies are here to stay, so they are not going to die, not at least in the next decade.

But if they die, then it would be because something new would have been invented by then, so there will not be any need to look for it again.


I cant think of a way for cryptocurrency to die. It is already part of our future with the blockchain technology. This will keep on evolving as we begin to digitize everything which makes our lives easier. Maybe at some point in our lives, we too will become digital by wearing something like a helmet and that we will live in the digital world. Sounds crazy but its becoming a reality.


You should look at crypto currency boom as very similar to the dot com boom of the 90s.

Many will become giants in their spaces. Most will go bust.

The market will decide.


I don’t think that cryptocurrencies can die ever, even I can’t imagine about it. There are lots of Cryptocurrencies in the Cryptoworld and it never will happen that all cryptocurrencies will die ever.


do you mean that cryptocurrency will continue to grow but with a different form?


that means it can be said that there is a possibility that crypto will die and you will leave it if that happens.


a good thought bro, there is nothing impossible, because there is always a new breakthrough in the future, and crypto can be replaced with something new.


you’re right, crypto reminds the internet when it first appears, and many people doubt it, but now almost everyone needs it, and crypto will be like that.


so crypto can not die so easily i love most and many many more people also love like me
and also many new people falling in love for crypto day by day
that will give much power to crypto


A discussion is based on facts, not mere self made theories. If someone loves scams, doesn’t mean scam will keep on going.

But here, everybody thinks that alts won’t die and nobody is giving ant facts. Okay. You win. End of discussion on this topic from my side.



What a sad news if cryptocurrency die, then all investors lost their mental satisfaction, they lost not only their property but also hardworking, attempts and emotions.


If cryptocurrencies will die then we will lose chance to earn altcoins without making any investment in cryptocurrencies because then no any bounties & no Airdrops.


Yes when no altcoins, no chance in investment, no chance in airdrops, bounty campaign. So we don’t get altcoins, bitcoin, Ethereum.


I don’t think so, but on my own opinion when bitcoin will die i think altcoin will die also. Because altcoin is based on the bitcoin value so when the bitcoin go up the altcoin will go up, and when the bitcoin will go down all currency will go down also when you use bitcoin as money. And i think it’s posible that bitcoin was die, because as long as there are investor or buyer, bitcoin or cryptocurrency will not die unless the ICO’s, INVESTOR, BUYER’s will stop, but it will not happen.


Yes sir i am agree with your opinion because all altcoins directly or indirectly depend on bitcoi, if bitcoin will die, obviously all altcoins will die. But i don’t think so that bitcoin will die soon.


I can’t even think about it. I don’t want it to die. I want it to be successful and accepted worldwide so that we can all make money.

But if it dies, I’m not sure what I’ll do.


This will never die friend this will be more strong and shine
We all have found at right time so accumulate how much we could for future use


crypto will not die for the next few years, it will be even more popular than now, and many aspects of life will use cryptocurrency