I Buy your LEAX coin : )


Hi everyone, i know the tittle sounds noisy, but just read it :slight_smile:

I’ve dicovered leaxcoin and comunity 1 day after ICO offer end. So i didn’t done anything at all. A week after read more and analysing i decided to try do something ( ‘well in time’). Then the “bounty campaing” with 300M coins was on the way, a second chance right?

So… I’ve never participated in a bounty before, and you can guess what happens ( except me typing like a potato): 0 leaxcoins

NOW I HAVE THE GRATEST IDEA: the community has several smart gentlemen who can hand over a small part of their empire to me, a simple peasant with beautiful words (for a fair price of course).

Here is my deal:

I PAY 0.001 BTC FOR 1000 LEAX

(I accept donations, only for the best ones <3)
Here’s my wallet:


I really just want 10000 coins. Its a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny part of all distributed and I would be very grateful.