I almost won 2 BTC on KuCoin's Final Round of Guess the BTC/USDT Price


I would like to share this here. On September 23 was the final round of Kucoin Guess the BTC/USDT price. The rule was very simple, you guess the highest price of BTC/USDT on the following day between 8AM-4PM(+8 GMT). The closest guess wins 1 BTC on regular rounds and 2 BTC on the last round. The 2nd to the 1000th closest guess wins 0.001 BTC. My guess was 6,730.676767 and the highest BTC/USDT it went the following day was 6,730,350483. If only it pumped a lil’bit more, I would have been so happy by now. Ofcourse the person who won is the closest as seen on the picture with email ro***@***.com Here is a screenshot.


congratulations for your wining
i want you win more this type quiz next


Nice man. You did a great job. I did not even see this competition. Bte how much did you win? 0.001 BTC?


Right or not the contest, hopefully you are lucky. in my email there was a shipment from Kucoin contest, but I did not respond. I am afraid that other people will use the moment for their personal satisfaction.


i won 0.0075 BTC in total for the whole event. Atleast I have something to expect now in Kucoin and I will trade it with KCS to get daily rewards for holding KCS in the exchange. Too bad you missed it, it was fun and challenging.


That’s really nice. I missed it too although I even got the mail from them about the competition. Guess, I’ll have to take their mails seriously now. Thanks for sharing.