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How update smart contract?


I sent an email to on Oct 28th and on Nov 1st I sent my wallets. Since Nov 1st no reply from Leax team. I sent more 2 emails and nothing.

Please provide an update to us and when our leaxs will be migrated to new contract. No answer and no communication is the worst case scenario you, leax team, can do!



Our team have received all of your emails, I assure you that. We are just now collecting all of the emails related to the same concern, which is the transfer of the contract for your leax wallets. Once collected and compiled, we guarantee you that all of it will be rectified one by one. We thank you for supporting us, and we are assuring you that all of your concerns will be addressed in due time. Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Hi Mark, no response until now.

I will let them know about your concerns and rest assured that this will be taken cared of. Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Hi Mark. No response. Can you please help?

Will coordinate with them and will let you know.

Can you be able to provide to me your full name and your concern? Also your leax wallet address for verification.

Thank you!

Thanks Mark. Please share your email to send the info you asked.


Please kindly send it to

Thank you!

Hello, emails ent 19 days ago but no response. Can you please update?


Thank you for reaching out, will “ping” our support team to address your concern ASAP.

Thank you!

Hi Mark. No response until now

Are you able to check your spam messages? I think all of the issue have been resolved towards the wallet addresses.

Nothing regarding leax in my spam. Can you send again?

No reply was sent to my e-mail address, I’m still waiting

Are you a verified investor of leax? Pls try to login to your wallet and see if the amount of leax are still there.

Hi! The issue with the transfer have been resolved and if you are a verified investor or buyer of leax, you will not be having issues with smart contract transfer once you logged in to your wallet.

I’ve been waiting for 3 months. I cannot enter the wallet. not sent in mail

My Leaxs are in my ledger wallet … should I create a new wallet in Leax website and convert there? What you mean with verified investor or buyer? Leax were listed in some exchanges and some people got from there.


You should have a username and password for your Leax Wallet, which allows you to access your leaxcoins. If you are an investor of Leax, you should be able to access your leax wallet.

Yes, Leax was listed with other exchanges before, but now, the trading and exchange for third party exchanges are currently on hold and transactions can only be done now thru the Leax wallet if in case you want to convert it into Ethereum, and before turning it into your respected Fiat Currency.