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How update smart contract?

The thing is simple. You gave us 1 month to make the change or we lose all leax, but the team isn’t even answering us… since there’s no such info about how to do it i decided to open up this discussion to guide us.

How we make the smart contract update ? (Step by step please)

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Our team is now making a manual to be able to assist you guys on the update towards the new contract. For the mean time, please kindly see this guide and we hope that this can help you guys out on the said concern while we try to create the resolution.

3 important questions:

1.When is the dead line? Date and hour where we cannot make the change anymore.

2.Does who hasn’t done this swap in time gonna lose all LEAX? or they can contact support to change yet?

3.In website is write: “Aiming at improving the protocol, we are providing an area in our wallet to perform the conversion to our new smart contract”. I didn’t saw it when oppened my wallet, just a warning same as website. Does the LEAX team gonna create this area? Should we wait for its release and then convert our coins?

Just to answer your questions, the deadline will be by the end of November.
Those who cannot be able to do the swap, can get in touch with the leaxcoin support team at Rest assured that this will be resolved and proper protocols towards this will be implemented. Lastly, The improvements are now being started on our end, and we will announce this once it has been completed. At the moment, the only responsibility that we are requesting from our investors and supporters are to update their current contracts to the new one. Those who do not or cannot be able to update their wallet will be properly supported by our team.

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my leax balance is all in the leax wallet anyway i have to update the contract which procedure the information is very incomplete.


We are sorry to hear about your concern. For the procedure towards the update of the smart contract for Leax, please kindly email our support team at Thank you for your support at Leaxcoin!


Send email, No return

everything is very strange


We are sorry about this, but rest assured that your concerns will be addressed the soonest. Please just kindly wait for the response.

Have a good day.