How to know the price of bitcoin will go up or down


You will definitely buy bitcoin if the price of bitcoin is down, but sometimes you are confused, when will bitcoin go down and when will bitcoin go up. For now, we can actually predict this by means of fundamental analysis, which is how to predict bitcoin prices based on economic news that can influence changes in bitcoin prices such as supply and demand, government policies, etc.

So before you buy bitcoin, you have to keep looking for information about what will happen in the world of bitcoin in the near future, if you find the most recent and positive information about bitcoin then try buying bitcoin, if the information you get is negative then avoid buying bitcoin.


When price went to 19000, every one was wishing that they should have bought it when it was 10,000 or so. Now its 6200+ only. Its a good entry. So for the long term, any entry now a days is good provided that you hold it for long.


a way to find out when bitcoin is down is to join a telegram group, such as btc market analysis, or discussion of btc prices, etc.
or join a whale group that changes market charts.
you can start from there if you want.


Or just learn the TA- Technical analysis and then you can trade too and make good money in any market conditions.


How to know the price of bitcoin will go up or down? It’s a complicated question we might not be able to answer for sure. If you keep an eagle eye on cryptocurrency news, you just might be able to buy or sell bitcoin profitably.


That’s what I answered. The answer is that we should all have a little knowledge of Technical Analysis. It gives us a little insight of what is going to happen next - up or down, both scenarios.