How to find out if the bounty is legit or not?


There have been lots of bounties in the last few months in which bounty hunters did their job and invested their time in the campaign but they were not paid fairly or were not paid at all. This kind of incidents create negative trust about other projects too. So the question arises how can we be sure whether we are going to be paid or not?

it is a step by step process. First of all check about the project whether its legit or not. It its good then you need to find out who is managing their bounty campaigns and the rules of the bounty. There is a list of all the good bounty managers available online. if the bounty manager happens to be one of them then go ahead and earn some coins, there is nothing to worry about as good managers will not work for scam projects. If he is not in them, then you need to do some further research on the project and bounty manager and his previous record. If the bounty manager has got negative trust then do not waste your time on that bounty.

if there are any more suggestions, please let me know.


I read in other forums that, although “some” bounty managers are known, they still started up a bounty campaign ended to be scam. These bounty managers did not scam the bounty hunters but the start up project itself, the team. However, it should be implicit that bounty managers should take proper due diligence of these project teams right. This kind of incident frustrates the hunters. Sometimes, bounty campaigns are legit but the project is not and/or bounty campaigns are fake but the project is real. So double checking to avoid these schemes.


this is important to know about bounty managers reputation and last bounty management record if
every thing is fine you can participate the bounty to work


I would day that nothing is certain in this world. There are errors everywhere and those bounty managers are humans too. They too can make some mistakes. But we can all do is that try to a little research before investing our time in it.


Of course it is but even that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll paid for your hard work. There is always some scope of error.


Good process… But many good manager should have negative trust yet not means he is scams or ilegal manager. Maximum ilegal bad manager get negative trust obviously. Good bounty project team always be positive sincerity.


One can easily identify good bounty project, good bounty project have ico popularity, foundico rating high, ico mark high, ico rating high, track ico high, road map, team management, future plans etc…


yes you are very correct, many newbie campaign turn up to be scam because the account was created for that purpose it really nice idea to look into the manager reputation before you partake in the bounty it very rare before you see a high rank member in bitcointalk forum it involve in scam ico because the account is important to him.


I hate scammers. They just waste our time and steals our money. I hope there is a button we can press to detonate whenever we detect a scammer or proven as scammer. Other tips I can advise for scam bounties are that the content is poorly made or the pictures are poorly made.


Yes bounty campaign manager reputation may helpful to choose good bounty project… Many scammers continue scam bounty without ico permission.


Right so one should check bounty managers reputation before participate an ico to give his/her precious time and do work with full trust to get best reward