How to choose a Good ICO


Do you still remember how hype is ICO at the end of 2017? Do you choose ICO? Is your ICO okay?
Well … I think this is a sad story. Because most ICOs are fraudulent. If not, some just go down … the price I mean.
Hmm … Is this really a sad story? Or should I say a bright future awaits us, who chooses a great ICO? But, how to choose some prospective ICOs? How do I choose a good ICO?


Yes, all this is really sad and I think many got into this situation. But how to avoid this? You need to study the project very carefully, to which you want to invest, you need to study the project team, technical documentation, product, idea, etc. The more information you get, the better you’ll learn the project. Over time, you will gain invaluable experience, which will bring you big profits.


Yes. I have been in the crypto pool for 2 years, there is a lot of knowledge I have gained, even though reading the project is just a summary. I read various project ideas, almost in various business sectors Blockchain technology can be applied. amazing experience.


2017 price jump was just a glimpse of a bright future. crypto market went up to 800 billion dollars. It showed that crypto market has potential to as big as any other market. There is nothing to be sad about. of course some people lost money in the process but we are the lucky ones that we got into it at an early stage, we can always make out for that loss and even get some gains too if we play our cards right.