How about day trading crypto


How about day trading crypto
if you have any experience post here but your story should be real and your own
otherwise never post
i don’t want useless


Crypto coins will survive, various negative issues come because the government views are skeptical, does not want to be involved, and its official rules are difficult. it is only crypto travel, all of these things will not prevent crypto travel from becoming daily consumption in the future.


You don’t need to be rude in every post. Nobody is going to post shit on your posts. Respect all the members of this community and you’ll get the same treatment.

For day trading, you need to have a little idea of TA or you should have a friend who knows about TA. I have tried day trading, without the knowledge of TA, I was gaining but then I wanted more, so I didn’t book the profits and went to sleep in hopes that maybe in the morning I’ll be getting huge profits. When I woke up, market had already moved in opposite direction and everything was liquidated. So never let greed take over.