Hello anyone know about VLR velorem please share the knowledge
can this surpass bitcoin in future many people running after this coin
should i invest in this to be rich


I just heard of the project, are you sure of the project? if I may suggest, you also post an explanation of the coin here? maybe I can see it, good or not the project is for investment.


There is no info about this coin on coinmarketcap. Then I checked at coingecko, it showed it in ICOs. Without any info, no one can comment on it whether its good or not. Read the whitepaper and see what’s new in this project which can surpass the usability of bitcoin in future. Then decide.


valorem is good sir i am holding 120000 VLR CURRENT VALUE $20400


valorem is good sir i am holding 120000 VLR


The electronic money market is new so anything can happen. This is a very good project and has great potential


Okay. Can you please tell on which exchanges it is being traded?


VLR is not in exchange now but VLR will be listed very soon
team working for business and very busy now
This is ony available now in VLR wallet to buy


Information about the Valorem project can be found here. But while it does not trade on stock exchanges, it’s too early to talk about success


Thanks. Bounty and that thread started in November 2017. Its really are for a project to take that long.


I joined the bounty and the project was finished. tokens have been distributed but the market are not yet available. the information, the investor token trading period will be prioritized then the next period the token bounty participant can be traded (Now the Bounty token is locked).


Wow! You are @PRINCEREDROSE… when did you bought VLR? How many months have been hodling the tokens? From what you’re saying, looks like current price is at $0.17 usd and if it continues to grow, you’d be damn rich!


What was the ICO price? 0.17?


ICO price was 1 ETH = 1000 VLR


And when was the ICO? What was the ETH price at that time?


For the icon is over, 1 eth = 1000 VLR. if the token exchange has not been determined until now.


Well, I was asking the time when the ICO was active so that I could calculate the price per VLR in usd. Thanks anyway.