Hello community members is this report right or wrong?


Binary options are a revolutionary way of earning in the financial markets, which is very straightforward, quick, and extremely lucrative. You probably know that financial markets are venues where currencies, such as the dollar, euro, or pound, are traded 24/7, i.e. with no breaks or days off whatsoever.

What you need to do is just open a free account on a binary options website (a broker website), then make a deposit, select an investment amount, and predict where the price (for example, the US dollar exchange rate) will go in a few minutes or hours.

There are only two options available: High or Low. The trade may last for any time from 1 minute to 3 hours (the expiry time), and you may select any time frame in between. If your prediction is correct, your investment amount is nearly doubled; if it is wrong, well, you just lose your investment amount.

So, this will actually be your job if you follow my instructions. This is called ‘trading’, and a person who works in such a way is called a ‘trader’. As a trader, you can work any time wherever you are, all you need is a computer with stable internet connection. As you see, it’s pretty straghtforward, even a 10-year-old would understand how it works!


And how it is related with us or crypto right now if I may ask?


i am wrong in this
not related with crypto


Now worries but try to stick to crypto related topics,.


i will do never leave


the concept is the same as crypto traders. Forex Broker = Crypto Trader. both ways use the prediction module, study items that will benefit by joining the item’s media channel.


crypto and forex trader are same who buy and sell over prediction module
and for a short time
they all are traders


They aren’t same even by 10%. Forex market is really very big and stable unlike crypto. There are no similarities.


here we are not taking about forex and crypto
we talking about only trader
so trader means who buy and sell for very short time they not hold like investors
a trader can not be said an investor


Correct but the environment in which they are trading matters too. A Forex trader can’t trade very easily in crypto market due to many reasons and vice versa.