Green Energy Bitcoin Mining Will Have ‘Insignificant Environmental Impact’


As the Bitcoin network grows, so too does the concern around its environmental impact, and with good reason. Bitcoin consumes more electricity than the entire island of Ireland, and that power consumption is set to steadily rise in the coming years. Beyond the electricity required to run the network, there are the materials required to make ASIC miners and GPUs as well as air conditioning, etc.

So what does this mean for planet Earth? Is Bitcoin a godsend or an environmental disaster?

The person with all the answers is Hass McCook, a civil engineer as well as a Bitcoin researcher and advocate who has done the deepest investigation into Bitcoin’s energy requirements that’s ever been carried out. His recent 39-page report which was continued from his 2014 research which revealed the following findings:



Yup for people who are against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general they always try to find loopholes or associate bad things on it yet they fail to even make a good ppint about of it. Just like what they are saying about crypto mining taking up a lot of power when they fail to make renewable energy as a factor. They talk about mining wasting energy as if electricity now is a scarce resource. Why not instead of complaining about it they instead try to improve the renewable energy we currently have because it is really now important to change from coal to a much more greener alternative.


I don’t see any environmental effect which btc mining is having. These are just rumours by those who are against btc and cryptocurrencies in general.