Goldman Sachs Drops Plans to Open Crypto Trading Desk]


Business Insider: Goldman Sachs Drops Plans to Open Crypto Trading Desk

Seen this post this morning after visiting Blockfolio. I just said to myself, it must be it. It’s the reason why everything is in red, bleeding and blood bathing. However, it was just like August of last year when China banned Crypto, but we saw Bitcoin rose and reached it’s ATH. Until end of the year, BTC is kicking up so high. So, I believe it’s just another storm to wash away weak hands and after the storm, is a calm community unless otherwise, there will be freaking news like this again. But blockchain technology is innovating, we shall not lose hope. We shall look over the technology not the crypto, if the tech is substantially making every industry efficient, then crypto will be worth more.



don’t panic when the red market bro, rest assured that it’s a better green start, because this has often happened in the past few years, even when bitcoin isn’t as famous as it is now. so keep thinking positive and keep the altcoins that we hold now :slight_smile:


Yeah, I did not say I am negative about the situation. Just figuring out why it happened. And this might have a connection to that.