For all time ICO companies received almost $ 30 billion


Analysts found that Singapore was able to circumvent the US in terms of the number of ICOs conducted. At the same time for all the time the companies managed to get 28.4 billion dollars. Of these, 15.9 billion were attracted from February to August 2018.

Only in August the projects attracted 1.4 billion dollars, which is 44% more than in July. Experts noted that the industry is becoming more competitive and gaining popularity with well-known companies on the market. It seems that the most attractive are security tokens, for which the features of securities are typical.

However, analysts emphasize that even with openness and transparency announced by start-ups, it is very difficult to deduce an absolutely accurate total amount of attracted investments.

Recall experts from the company GraySpark Partners recently published the results of research on the market of primary offers of coins. It turned out that almost 50% of the beginning of 2017 could not raise funds. Experts noted that many successful companies initially turned out to be unprofitable.