Food Service & crypto coins and smart contract


My name is Jose.
We are Mellieri Startup operator of Food Service in Brazil
In 2017 we design and deliver the cuisine of thainlande restaurant Thai Mee
In 2018 the Thai Mee received and served Massimo Bottura of the Osteria Francescana
In 2019 we revenient ourselves as a food service operator, implicit and operate restarants.
Our value proposition: Rich Gastronomic Experience Thematic.
Last week we signed with CBRE | Bookfield 03 contracts
to implement and operate three theme restaurants, African, Thai and local at the Open Nations Mall, Triple AA and Greenbuilding Leed Gold.

Project Folder

Our form of payment in our restaurants: “We accept all currencies, we prefer credit card points, miles and crypto-coins”

We created two portfolios to receive payment flows to the project via LEAX and ETH as the physical financial timeline progresses.

We have already received the architectural projects and we probe the suppliers about the acceptance of these payment mechanisms and the responses were positive, so we decided to finance all operations and expansion via the smartcontracts and coins.

We plan to convert the 03 lease agreements signed over a ten-year period into smart contracts.

We plan to finance all the implementation of the restaurant via crypto-coins.

What is the cost in conversion and maintenance of smartcontracts? Is it as simple as creating Wallets?

Do I need to pay a third party to use the LEAX API? Do we have access to the API and tutorial for conversion of current contracts into smartcontracts as well as their activation in the BlockChain network?

In Brazil it’s a holiday in the next three days, is that enough to generate 03 smartcontracts?

The services, technologies, smartcontracts will be the object of evaluation of the business partners CBRE and Brookfield, are companies that meet the highest governance, compliance and due diligence requirements

We have a case of a LEAX lease by smartcontract in Brazil that we could use as a success case?

What are the requirements to become a LEAX ambassador and which ambassadors are currently located?

Thank you



Thank you for your inquiries. We are sorry for the late response towards these questions, but we are very happy that you have reached out to us.

As an answer for your technical questions, please do email us at, so that our technical team can be able to assist you regarding the APIs and smart contracts.

As for being one of our ambassadors or if you want to be one of our investors, please do email

Thank you!