Five new tools for cryptocurrency analysis


Blockchain Explorer and websites dedicated to the analysis of cryptocurrencies continues to improve. While Coinmarketcap (CMC) still dominates today, it does have competitors with which to compete. Moreover, many of these platforms do not just seek to take the place of the CMC: they provide new tools for understanding the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry.

The Blockchain has already been a great resource reflecting the state of the EU, ES, ER and EU networks. Since then, he has expanded by adding a Protocol-level Omni storage tabs on the Tether and transaction layer, Wormhole for activity monitoring for the tokens that are created to Cash Bitcoin and smart contracts.

Blockchain also added the ability to generate printed receipts for BCH, BTC and LTC transactions. Just go to your transaction using bacchanalian, and click “print PDF”.

Onchainfx needs no introduction, but its latest tool, which was added a few weeks ago — Breakeven Multiple — shows how many times your altcoin needs to grow to reach its previous historical high.

It is also possible to note fundamental events in charts using Onchainfx, allowing observers to compare market movements with actions. If you want to understand why growth begins or it stops, analyzing the reasons from mining to hard forks, the new Onchainfx function is aimed at its capture.

NET Market cap is a Coinmarketcap for incompatible tokens. Just launched this week, the service is still rudimentary, but has the potential to turn into something more. Anyone who wants to check the status of THE erc721 token market should go to, which allows you to track and trade everything from Decentraland to Cryptokitties.
Statistics show the number of tokens traded in the last 24 hours, their average value and the number of active users.

Blockmodo and Coinratecap
For those looking for Coinmarketcap added functions, Blockmodo and Coinratecap has its merits.

Blockmodo adds social, video, and other community data, providing a more holistic picture of how markets work and why. Meanwhile, coinratecap provides real-time price updates and also adds a handy list of the top 100 crypto exchanges.

Satoshi Pulse
Finally, the cryptocurrency tracking service from, Satoshi Pulse, is a more beautiful Coinmarketcap with a bias in Bitcoin Cash. Its charts are especially good for those looking for clear and clean means of viewing current or historical market data.


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