Explain the significance of blind signature and how it is usefu


It is actually a form of digital signature and in fact an important part of the cryptography in which all the information is made blind before it is actually considered or signed. This is verified approach and is generally considered in the privacy-related protocols where both the author and the signing parties are different. One of the most common examples is digital cash scheme.


Well, you really are getting in to the technicalities of blockchain technology. I don’t even know even 10% of what you just wrote. Thanks for the info btw.


the more modern times, the more privacy the information will be, and the privacy coin will be needed for an annti day, for example XVG, now it may be cheap, but later it will be very expensive


like that the development of ID verification on blockchain. the mechanism is made easy but very safe to use. One day the government agency will use the system, many countries have studied the technology.