Expert on cyber security of Google: boasting about your crypto wealth on the network is dangerous


Mark Richer, a Google anti-scam specialist, recently warned the public about the danger of excessive boasting in the value of their crypto assets, because in this way you can become a victim of some serious hacker.

Choosing a Victim
Recently, Richer, who is engaged in initiatives to protect users of the service, found that cybercriminals choose the victim of those people who are the key to larger “fish”, or those who often boast of their wealth on the Internet.

According to him, hackers can often get the right information from public accounts on social networks. Recognizing the victim’s mailing address and hacking it, they can access cryptotices, since many online purses often send private keys to e-mail.

He notes that lately an increasing number of holders of crypto-currency have become victims of fraudsters. Even if a person once wrote for a long time that he owns a crypto currency, the criminals will aim at him, Mark added.

Tactics of hackers
To directly steal money, hackers often resort to social engineering, including by contacting the victim via e-mail. Such, according to Richer, use a much more complicated tactic than the “Nigerian Princes”:

“Do you think they use this hackneyed” Hello Sir / Ma’am, can you do me a favor … ", but in fact the attackers improved their methods. Usually they now send their victims what we call “Social Truth”.

“Social Truth” includes details about the victim, which hackers often take from open accounts in social networks.

Expert Advice
The expert concluded that the holders of crypto-currencies should not especially mention this fact when communicating in social networks or forums. He also advised to switch from online wallets to offline customers.

And how do you create your own security?


Of course its really very dangerous. If your coins are on exchanges or on online wallets, a good hacked can easily get his hands on them by hacking your pc. Its better not to boast about your crypto wealth and keep your long term buys on sold storage/offline wallets and only keep those on online wallets with which you are going to do frequent buying and selling.


indeed, email is the main key to hacking into cryptocurrency assets, it is necessary to be careful in dealing with it. I myself am also still looking for the right way to store cryptocurrency.
personally want to have a wallet that can store all digital currencies.


Not a very bright idea. Haven’t you heard ‘never put all your eggs in a single basket’? Don’t do it. You need to diversify in case of wallets too.


Yes, that’s right, we need to talk about our safety, so that we can prevent all unpleasant events in advance. Forewarned is forearmed.


You should keep all your long term investments only on offline wallets, this is very important.